Room for Rent in Johor Bahru

If you are seeking a room for rent in Johor Bahru, we are here to help you find one that best suits your wants and needs. The capital city of Johor state is more than a gateway to Singapore – it is a place rich in culture and wealth.
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1. What is Johor Bahru known for?
Johor Bahru is well-known for its local street food scene. Those looking to rent a room in Johor Bahru would be spoilt for choice in the array of palatable delicacies.

2. Is Johor Bahru a good place to live?
Johor Bahru has become a low-cost retirement destination for many Singaporeans as residents can obtain great value on housing.

3. How much does it cost to live in Johor Bahru?
According to, the monthly cost of living for a single person is RM2,063.81 without rent.

4. How much is a room rental in Johor Bahru?
An apartment with one room for rent in Johor Bahru city centre is estimated to cost RM1,149.62 per month, according to However, rents are much cheaper outside the city centre.

5. Where should I live in Johor Bahru?
Some of the best neighbourhoods for youths to rent a room in Johor Bahru include Taman Mount Austin and Medini City.

About Johor Bahru

While not the most adventurous of tourist locations, it is still a fantastic place to find a room for rent in Johor Bahru. The city is the most densely populated, second to Kuala Lumpur, yet a room rental in Johor Bahru is far more affordable. Thus, if you want cosmopolitan sights without the perpetual frenzy, JB would undoubtedly appeal to you.

Residents of JB can savour the ample shopping opportunities in expansive malls and bazaars galore. There is also no shortage of street stalls and night vendors serving delectable specialties, such as the must-try Laksa Johor. Those who rent a room in Johor Bahru often head to the Istana Garden at Royal Abu Bakar Museum for the occasional jog and rejuvenation.

There, you will find a unique blend of local and foreign plants and trees, as well as the distant Singapore skyline over the Johor Straits' waters. This regional transportation hub makes it easy and quick for travelers who rent a room in Johor Bahru to venture to Singapore or even Tioman Island and Kukup.

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