Room for Rent in Setapak

If you are seeking a room for rent in Setapak, we are here to help you find one that best suits your wants and needs. Formerly a tin and rubber-mining hub, Setapak is now a rapidly modernising suburb with a growing population due to its affordable housing and ample amenities.
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1. Is Setapak a good place to live?
Those living in Setapak enjoy the convenience of ample facilities and amenities that a thriving suburb provides. Residents name Setapak as a desirable location because it's only a short ride to the city centre and they also don't have to break the bank if they need a room for rent here.

2. How do you travel to Setapak by LRT?
Using the Kelana Jaya Line, you can hop off at any of these 5 locations in Setapak: Setiawangsa, Sri Rampai, Wangsa Maju, Taman Melati, and Gombak.

3. What is Setapak known for?
Setapak used to be known for being a rubber estate and tin-mining hub. These days, this major suburb is famous for serving up the best Moonlight Hor Fun in KL and for its distinguished universities like Tunku Abdul Rahman University.

4. What is good to eat in Setapak?
Apart from the famous Moonlight Hor Fun, Setapak is also home to the appropriately-named Nasi Kukus Beratur. Locals have coined that name to describe how popular the eatery is, as you may need to wait in line to get a taste of this authentic crowd-pleaser.

5. Are there any universities in Setapak?
Tunku Abdul Rahman University College or 'TAR UC' has more than 100 programmes ranging from engineering and built environments to hospitality management, creative arts, and more.
Another reputable institute is the DSH Institute of Technology (DIT) which was initially established to meet the needs of the healthcare industry but now offers a range of other excellent courses.

About Setapak

With a name that literally means “one step” in Malay, Setapak is a mere 10 km away from Kuala Lumpur's city centre. Now a major suburb, Setapak is brimming with all the life and culture one can expect from a thriving township.

Distinguished universities made this suburb a student hive with many looking for a room to rent in Setapak. The notable Tunku Abdul Rahman University is well-equipped with numerous recreational and academic facilities and has produced more than 210,000 graduates since its establishment.

Titiwangsa Recreational Park is a popular hotspot for tourists and residents to spend an afternoon fishing, horseback riding, rollerblading, and even radio-controlled car racing.
Ayer Panas hot springs and the Royal Selangor Pewter Visitor Centre are also top destinations.

If you rent a room in Setapak, head to Hong Lai Restaurant for the famous charcoal-fried Moonlight Hor Fun or savour authentic Kelantanese cuisine at the various local eateries. Setapak Central Mall and Wangsa Walk Mall also host a large variety of dining options.

Residents don't have much trouble getting around as it's located close to major highways such as the DUKE, AKLEH, and MRR2. Future projects to promote greater accessibility to residents of Setapak include DUKE 3 and the Putrajaya MRT line.

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